Many students think that their passport and visa documents are only needed when traveling abroad. WRONG! If you are planning a trip within the United States by car, bus, train or air plane, to U.S. cities near or far, it is essential that you have your passport and visa documents with you. Since September 11, there has been heightened security not only at all border crossings, but also at bus terminals, train terminals, and airports throughout the United States. Police from multiple agencies, federal, state and municipal, are patrolling these areas. People may be stopped and questioned randomly. Therefore, students are urged to be sure to have their passport, visa documents (I-94 card and I-20 or IAP-66), and student ID card with them for ALL distance travel, even travel within New York State. In addition, be sure that the back page of the I-20 or IAP-66 has a current authorizing signature. If you are applying for a change of non-immigrant status, visa petition or EAD card, be sure to carry your USCIS receipt notice as well, which proves that you have an application pending with the Immigration Service. A person without valid travel documents can be arrested, threatened with deportation and taken into USCIS custody.