At Mumbai Airport:
International departures take place from Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport, Mumbai. It is advisable to reach the airport three hours before scheduled departure to cater to any last minute changes.

In keeping with directives issued by the BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security), Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, all departing passengers must have their checked baggage security screened before tendering them to the airline. Foreign airlines at Terminal 2A have contracted this task to airport agencies who have installed X-Ray machines at the entrance to the terminal. You must have your bags screened before proceeding to the airlines' check-in counters. The only exception at Terminal 2A is Delta Air Lines who have their own screening equipment and hence, you may proceed to their check-in counters directly. Air India also have their own security screening at the entrance to Terminal 2B.

Foreign Exchange:
As per existing regulations of Reserve Bank of India, each foreign going Indian passenger is entitled to get foreign exchange worth $10,000 in one calendar year. To avoid lengthy exchange control procedures at the airport, you should obtain this from the offices of Authorised Foreign Exchange Dealers (Banks) prior to your date of travel. It is preferable to obtain this Foreign Exchange in the form of traveller's cheques. However, if you need to, you can obtain cash of value not exceeding $2000. The residual must be obtained in the form of travellers' cheques. These cheques come in different denominations and you are free to have your choice. Keep at least three copies of numbers of these cheques and place of issue, separately in your pocket, hand-bag and luggage, so that in case of loss of these cheques you can at once give all details to the bank concerned.