– Delta Airlines

Before Emplaning

Check in your luggage at the airline counter concerned. In case of Air-India, several counters are there indicating your flight numbers. In case of Delta Air Lines, there is only a single line for security and check-in. Ensure that your baggage is checked through to your final destination to avoid multiple retrievals and handling of your baggage. For this purpose, it is preferable to book one airline from origin to destination where possible. (When travelling in Business Class or when you are an elite status level airline frequent flier, the facility of telephone check-in prior to arrival at the airport is possible, whereby your boarding card and baggage tags are kept ready). Check-in is now done in downtown Mumbai at Air India building for its passengers.

Ensure that you are enrolled in the concerned airline's frequent flier programme. If you travel frequently (every year), you can earn credit points for the miles that you travel on each airline. Thus, the more you travel on a specific airline, the more rewarding will be your points. The rewards range from upgrades and free tickets to other travel related benefits; for example Delta Air Lines' frequent flier programme is called "SkyMiles" and the awards start as early as 5000 miles. More travel loyalty leads to elite status which is richly rewarding. Generally, enrolment is advised when you buy your ticket, however, some airlines with expansive automation, like Delta Air Lines, can enroll you even at check-in.

For travel to the USA the free baggage allowance is based on a "piece" concept, for all classes of service, regulated as follows:

Checked Baggage: Two pieces. The dimensions of each piece are limited to 62" or 157.5 cm (Length+Width+Height), and the weight to 23 kilos each. For students one additional bag is allowed.

Delta Air Lines has revised its Baggage
Allowance and Rules for travel to/from U.S.A. effective February 01, 2006.

Carry-on Baggage: One piece. The dimensions of carry-on baggage is limited to 45" (L+W+H) and the weight not exceeding 5 kilos. Additionally, in order to ensure that cabin baggage fits either under the seat or in the closed overhead compartments on board the aircraft some airlines have specific size restrictions. Approximate dimensions of carry-on baggage is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches or 56 cm x 35.5 cm x 23 cm. Baggage sizers are often installed to test acceptable cabin baggage size at the check-in counters.

The following items may be carried on board aircraft in
addition to baggage at no extra cost:

• Purse – male or female
• Food to be consumed on the flight and
• A manually or battery operated wheelchair and/or
  crutches and/or braces provided a passenger is
  dependent upon them.
• A laptop computer
• One box/bag of duty free
• Coat jacket
• Umbrella
• One item of reading material

Excess Baggage Charges: Any piece of baggage which is in excess of the two pieces described under Free Allowances or in excess of the allowable size(s) will result in excess baggage charges. Charges will be assessed as follows: Excess baggage will be charged at a uniform rate, irrespective of the area where the passenger travels to or from.

Economy Class Passengers are permitted 2 pieces of checked baggage weighing a maximum of 23 kgs. per piece with a maximum dimension of 62 inches (length + breadth + height).
Baggage over 23 kgs. and less than 32 kgs. - USD 25.00.
Baggage over 32 kgs. and less than 45 kgs. - USD 100.00
Baggage over 45 kgs. will not be accepted as baggage and has to be shipped as cargo.
Extra piece - USD 100.00 irrespective of the weight subject of a maximum of 45 kgs.
Over sized baggage between 62 inches and 80 inches- USD 100.00

Business Class Any piece of baggage which is in excess of the two pieces described under Free Allowances or in excess of the allowable size(s) will result in excess baggage charges. Charges will be assessed as follows: Passengers are allowed 2 pieces of checked baggage
weighing a maximum of 32 kgs. each.
This privilege is extended to SkyMiles Medallion and
Flying Colonels.
Baggage over 32 kgs. – USD 100.00 is charged.

Only one handbag is allowed per person and this is very strictly followed. After your luggage is checked in, collect a hand-baggage tag.

Seats are generally allocated at check-in counters. Seats are allocated online as well. Delta Air Lines allows seat assignments as much as 330 days in advance of your flight departure date. It is advisable to research this information, in respect of the airline you are travelling, in advance because a comfortable seat of your choice is essential for the long journey ahead of you. Try to reach the airport early to get a good seat.

In a Boeing 747, such as the aircraft operated by Air-India, seats with letters 'A' and 'J' usually are window seats. In a Boeing 767-300ER, the aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines, window seats are prefixed with the letters 'A' and 'G'. You have a choice to make if you reach on time or if you have obtained a pre-assigned seat in advance. If window seats are unavailable, then request for a seat at one of the "Exits" because those seats have extra leg-room, which is very comfortable.

The counter staff will give you an embarkation card in which you should immediately fill up the desired information as you will have to submit this card inside immigration enclosure. All the information called for is contained in your passport.

Having done so, locate the exchange counter where you will get 50 dollars per ticket. Keep appropriate Indian currency, your boarding card and passport ready. If going straight from India to the USA, it is advisable to take currency in US dollars. Money in other currencies is also available.

At the first counter, your passport will be examined. It is no longer legally required to have small-pox and cholera vaccination at the US Customs unless you are coming from an African continent. Recently, immigrants to the US are required to take certain vaccinations which should be checked with the US Consulate.

If you are carrying valuables, like jewellery, or expensive sophisticated products that are imported, for example, a laptop computer, expensive wristwatch or camera, ask the Customs Officer at the PRO desk past Immigrations to make a note of these products in prescribed form/your passport together with the distinctive identification number/s and value of these, in Indian Rupees. For jewellery, it is advisable to carry cash memos from the shop you bought or a valuation document from an authorised jeweller. This process may cost some time and frustration but it is worthwhile to save you from possible trouble and harassment by Indian Customs while returning to India.

Duty Free purchases like alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, chocolate and several other items of interest may be availed of at the Duty Free shops at the transit level near the departure gates. You may purchase cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol only in quantities within your duty free allowance, depending upon your destination. Please enquire with the airline you are travelling by, what these limits are.

While going through security check at the departure gate if you are carrying a camera with or without film rolls, inform the security staff concerned and carry them with you. It is not advisable to pass cameras and film through an X-Ray as not all X-Ray machines are film safe and could damage these items. Security insists on removing battery cells and putting them into checked luggage. Random security checks involve manual scrutiny of hand-bags, purses and even shoes. Since July 2002, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has been given security enforcement from Police at Mumbai airport.