– Delta Airlines

In the Airplane

Having occupied your seat, if you have a bulky hand-bag and/or coat, it can be either put in the overhead bins above your seat or under the seat in front of you. Please ask the flight attendant/air hostess to show you an exclusive area to put personal effects.

Most airlines (for example Air-India and Delta Air Lines) provide alcoholic beverages free of charge to first/business class after the aircraft has flown outside Indian air space. On those airlines that charge for alcoholic beverages, payment must be made in foreign currency. Soft drinks are provided free, as many times as you want, if there is adequate stock.

At each stop-over point en-route to the final destination of your flight, the local time will be announced and passengers are well advised to synchronize their watch timings accordingly.

Food will be provided according to local time. This means that at intervals of approximately four hours, meals will be served. You may opt to partake as much of as many meals as you desire, however, consuming all meals served would be excessive and cause discomfort. You may, with most airlines, specify your meal preference in advance, while making your booking; for example "Asian Vegetarian", "Hindu" etc.

The popular in-flight entertainment provided by airlines is screening of movies. However, when travelling in Business Class, most airlines including Delta Air Lines provide for personalised individual video entertainment with a choice of movies to preview and watch during flight. Multilingual choices are often made available. Most airlines including Air-India and Delta Air Lines have their own in-flight magazine for passengers to read; one in each seat pocket in front of you. This magazine makes for enlightening reading and includes the in-flight entertainment programme. Some, for example "Sky Magazine" of Delta Air Lines contain a section that guides you on your Duty Free allowance limits and completion of US arrival forms.

At transit stations (usually in Europe, Frankfurt, London), passengers continuing their journey, even on the same flight, are required to deplane. When so required, for security reasons, passengers must carry all their personal belongings with them. Passengers may keep their baggage on board only if allowed to stay on the aircraft.

At the transit lounge again, in Europe (Frankfurt, London etc.) you may also buy duty free liquor, cigarettes and chocolates (favourites are Toblerone) may be bought as gifts for your US contacts, within your duty-free allowance.

Back on the aircraft, while flying to New York over the Atlantic Ocean, the flight attendant/air hostess will distribute two cards. One is a white coloured disembarkation card Form I-94 which is required by the US Immigration and Naturalization, to be filled in by all visitors (non-citizens and residents) entering the USA. You only need to have your address in the USA handy while filling in this form. The second card is a green Customs declaration card. This card also must be filled in simultaneously. Both the cards must be completed and ready when you land at John F. Kennedy International (JFK) airport.