– Delta Airlines

At JFK Airport

At JFK Airport, there are several terminals. Delta Air Lines has a dedicated terminal from which all intercontinental and domestic flights arrive and depart. Air-India lands at a shared terminal. Your

You are then to proceed to the baggage claim area, get your baggage and get through one of the channels. Sometimes sniffer dogs will sniff through your luggage before you proceed. The officer may or may not open your bags. But be sure that you don't take any meat, fruit, plants, seeds or paan-supari because they are disallowed. All baggage must clear Customs at your port of entry even if it is through checked to a destination beyond JFK in the US.

After you clear Customs, you may return your baggage to the airline representatives waiting beyond the Customs area as you leave if you are continuing on to another US city, or head for the exit and look for your host if anyone is expected.

If he/she is not available, contact the airline counter for messages for you, if any.

If still unsuccessful, telephone your host/contact from public phone (pay phone) visible at several places around. Here you will need a "quarter" (25 cents), dime (10 cents) or nickels (5 cents) to put in the phone booth.

Alternatively dial "O" for the operator and ask for the number you want to call on a collect basis. In other words, your host/contact will pay for the call.

An information desk open 24 hours is located in the main lobby from which you can get information about available modes of transport from the airport to your destination. Maps of New York may be collected free from this booth.

If all attempts fail, take a taxicab to your destination. Tipping (15% of fare normally) is expected from you by the cab driver.

At the earliest opportunity get the following two maps:

Map of Manhattan streets – from New York
Visitor’s Bureau.

(b) Map of New York subway system – from any
subway station.

You can become efficient on map (a) if you go up to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building. It costs around $5, but is worthwhile.