Q 1. Does having a relative in the US affect visa application?
Q 2. What about a foreign sponsor?
Q 3.

For a student visa with sponsorship, is it for or against one's case if the sponsor is (a) a US citizen, (b) an Indian citizen?

Q 4. Is there a specific number or quota annually for student visas?
Q 5.

I am a student going to US for PhD. My I-20 says that my funding is for one year, after which it will be reviewed. Will I have to show funds for the rest of the three-four years of study?

Q 6. What is the right time to apply for visas?
Q 7. What about shifting schools once I get there?
Q 8.

I get my visa on one I-20; then I get another I-20 from another school, which I now want to join. What will I have to do?

Q 9. How many attempts are allowed if visa is denied?
Q 10. Does the reputation of the college have any bearing on my visa application?
Q 11. If I have been chosen by ten schools, does that help?
Q 12. What should a student wishing a Graduate (Master's) study in the US do if he is financing his studies himself?
Q 13.

For students going for further studies, what is considered as conclusive proof that they are coming back? How much assets or liquid cash on hand should be shown for a student visa?

Q 14. Is a student visa guaranteed when an I-20 form is issued by a University?
Q 15. If sufficient funds are not available, can a loan from banks or other institutions help in getting a student visa?
Q 16. For a student visa, can a student be partially sponsored by a US-based sponsor and partly by an India-based sponsor?
Q 17. Do visas for students get rejected if the applicants have brothers and sisters in America?
Q 18. Is it required that I pay the first year tuition expenses in advance and show a receipt from the university?
Q 19.

How do I prove that I can afford to attend school in the US?

Q 20.

What if my university does not require that I take the TOEFL or GRE?