Q 1. Is a sponsor's letter a must for obtaining a tourist visa?
Q 2. Is a sponsorship letter a guarantee to visitor visa for the USA?
Q 3.

Can the sponsor send documents directly to the visa section?

Q 4.

Should I carry original documents or photocopies for my interview?

Q 5.

Do I have to be fingerprinted?

Q 6.

I currently have a valid US visa. Do I need to be electronically fingerprinted at the visa section before I travel to the US?

Q 7.

If an applicant goes to UAE for a visit, can he apply for a US visa from there, if he decides to visit USA from there?

Q 8.

During the validity period of visa, (say one month is left for the expiry of the visa), is it necessary that one must travel and enter the US and also return before this visa expires?

Q 9.

If an applicant is rejected once, is it possible to know the reason; so that, fresh evidence can be procured in the second attempt?

Q 10.

If an NIV is rejected, how many times can one apply again? Does a rejection affect any future application in another category?

Q 11.

What if the Officer keeps my case on hold under Section 221(g)?

Q 12.

What address do I mention on form DS-156, if my current home address and my address on the passport is not the same?

Q 13.

I am planning to stopover in the US on route to my final destination (e.g. Canada, Latin America, or Caribbean) should I apply for a Tourist (B1/B2) or Transit (C1) visa?

Q 14.

If one's UK visa application is refused, will it affect the eligibility to get US visa?

Q 15.

Can an applicant demand a "multiple entry" visa with 10 year validity while applying for an NIV?

Q 16.

After getting the visa, which is the latest date by which the applicant should fly to the US?

Q 17.

What is the minimum income expected from an applicant for an NIV? If he is under a taxable limit from Indian income tax laws, can he apply? What are his chances?

Q 18.

Can one get a business visa by giving any kind of bond or guarantee to the US Consulate?

Q 19.

An applicant has traveled every year to the US on business since 1990, along with his daughter. She then became a doctor and was rejected twice although she was given visas earlier. Why is this so?

Q 20.

Is it possible for the US Consul to cancel a visa given earlier? Is this allowed under law?