The United States of America has for long been the Mecca of the West. It is a place attractive to the casual visitor and the businessman, but magnetic in its lure to the student and the seeker for a better life. For both groups of people, Dr. Arun Vakil's book, "Gateway to America", is very valuable.

"Gateway to America" contains a Solomon's mine of information, advice and insight into the rules, regulations, ways and customs of the New World. It is a most useful publication for the person wanting to reside and work there, who, with every qualification to do so, might still be pushed from pillar to post by the maze of rules and regulations neatly tied in red tape. Here, within the covers of this book, is authentic help and advice of a practical nature. And when the immigrant, visitor or businessman has finally landed on the shores of that great country, he will again find this book of immense assistance - with its detailed advice on the minutiae of life in America - Americanese, its lifestyle, the mysteries of its cuisine, the travelling to and fro in the country, its festivals and state-wise detailed information from the Yellow Pages of the Directory to meet almost every need.

Dr. Vakil, who is very knowledgeable on numerous aspects of America, has taken vast pains in compiling and collating the varied information contained in his book. The book will assist the Indian across many barriers, seen and unseen, and will help build one more span in the bridge of friendship between the two largest democracies.

July 13, 1983

Nani Palkhivala