Skilled workers, professionals holding bachelor's degrees and other workers: All third preference applicants require an approved I-140 visa petition filed by the prospective employer. All such workers require a Labor Certification, or Schedule A designation. There are 3 subgroups within this preference category:


Skilled Workers : Positions that are not seasonal or temporary and require at least two years of job experience, an undergraduate degree, vocational training apprenticeship in a trade. The training requirement may be met through relevant post-secondary education. Job requirements stated in Form ETA-750 (Labor Certification) determine whether a job is skilled or unskilled.


Professional Workers : Professionals must hold a US bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent degree that is normally required for the profession (such as engineering, computer science, etc.) or workers with a bachelor's degree in a profession. For example, equivalent job experience as determined by a professional association (about 10 years of professional experience may be substituted for the bachelor's degree for computer professionals.) This category is for aliens who don't qualify for EB-2 category (Master's degree or equivalent which is Bachelor's degree + five years of progressive experience). Having a bachelor's degree is not enough, the job also must require a bachelor's degree.


EW - "Other workers" are those persons capable of filling positions requiring less than 2 years training or experience. No more than 10,000 visas are available annually worldwide in this category.