Employment Creation Investors: All applicants must file a Form I-526 petition by alien entrepreneur with the INS. To qualify an alien must invest between US $500,000 and $1 million, (depending on the employment rate in the geographical area), in a commercial enterprise in the US which creates at least 10 new full-time jobs for US citizens, permanent resident aliens or other lawful immigrants, not including the investor and his family.

Diversity Transition Immigrants : Each year, 40,000 IVs were made available to natives of foreign countries identified as having been adversely affected by previous provisions of the immigration law. Applicants would be registered during a specified annual application period. This is also known as the visa lottery. Readers should not be misguided by newspaper announcements made in the Indian press occasionally on Lottery Visas. It is however, not applicable to India. Indians can avail of this category only if spouse or mother or father of an Indian applicant (based in India) was born in a Lottery country.