I am delighted to know that since the last decade and a half, GATEWAY TO AMERICA has become a brand equity for anyone: tourist, businessmen, students, non-immigrants and immigrants who would like to go to the US. The public demand for this product is overwhelming which has inspired me to bring out THE 2000 EDITION, which has a special chapter on students and higher education in the USA. I am once again thankful to INDO-AMERICAN SOCIETY to be the co-ordinator in presenting this product to the consumers. Messrs. Kaye & Phulwani once again helped in editing. My sincere appreciation to Mrs Jinx Akerkar and her Assistant, Ms Sangeeta Dave for their valuable inputs and assistance. I received tremendous co-operation from Mr Donald Wells, Chief, Consular Section, US Consulate, Mumbai, as well as from his colleague, Mr Louis Acosta in finalising THE 2000 EDITION. Ms Asha Chatterjee, Director, American Information Resource Center, Mumbai and her colleagues gave some valuable input for which I am indebted to them. Ms Romayne Mathias, who has stood behind me in my efforts, had a giant task to single handedly complete this expanded project within her tiny frame. I place on record my most sincere appreciation for her hard work and dedication. She teamed up with Ms Meghana Dani for final proofreading. As in the past, this product would not have been possible but for the financial support received from all the advertisers and some valuable input received from Mr Rodney D'Cruz of Delta Airlines. I thank my wife Asha and son Abhay in assisting me in the initial proofreading.