Chapter I : All About America
(A) Geography and History
(B) Climate
  Table 1 : Nationwide Weather Guide
(C) Time Zones & Business Hours
(D) Life Styles
  Table 2 : A Glossary of Common Words
  Table 3 : State of Abbreviations
(E) American Food
(F) American Bar
(G) Taxes
(H) Tips from Chapter I
Chapter II : Study in America
(1) Admission Procedures
  Table 4 : College Admission Planning in the US
  Table 5 : USEFI offices in India
(2) Financial Aid & Study Methods
(3) Student Life
(4) Student Visa
  Exhibit A : Asset Statement
(5) FAQ on Student Visa
(6) Tips from Chapter II
Chapter III : Take-Off (From India) and Landing (in the US)
(I) Travel Formalities
  Table 6 : American Embassy / Consulates in India
(II) At the Airport
(III) Baggage
(IV) On Board the Aircraft
(V) Arrival requirements
(VI) Internal Travel in the US
(VII) Tourist Information
  Table 7 : State Tourist Offices - USA
 (VIII) Tips from Chapter III
  Annexure I : FAQ on Foreign Exchange
  Annexure II : Model Check List :
International Air Travel
(Mumbai to New York)
Chapter IV : Non-Immigrant Visas (NIVs) to the USA
(I) Principles for Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) application
(II) Admission to the US
(III) Qualifying for a Visitor Visa
(IV) Non-Immigrant Visa Classifications
  Table 8 : NIV Visa Classifications
(V) Details of certain NIVs
(VI) Change of status to another Non-Immigrant category
(VII) Adjustment of status to Permanent Resident
(VIII) Employment of Non-Immigrants
  Table 9 : Classes of Non-Immigrant Aliens who maybe lawfully employed in the US
(IX) Revalidation of NIVs in the US
(X) Frequently asked questions on NIVs
(XI) Tips from Chapter IV
  Annexure III : Guidance on DS-156
Annexure IV : Guidance on I-134
Annexure V : Model Forms
Chapter V : Immigrant Visas (IVs) to the USA
(I) General Categories of Immigrants
(II) Steps to be taken in applying for Immigrant Visas
(III) Labor Certification (LC)
(IV) Persons ineligible to receive visas
(V) Requirements for IVs
(VI) Selection of your Immigration Lawyer
(VII) Other Relevant Information
(VIII) List of availability of Immigrant Visas
  Table 10 : Cut - Off Dates Table
(IX) Application Procedures for Immigrant Visas
(X) Select Issues Regarding IV
(XI) Frequently asked Questions on Immigrant Visas
(XII) Tips from Chapter V
Chapter VI : Select Immigration Issues & US Citizenship
1. Immigrant Visa Processing
2. Permanent Residence from a job offer (the Labor Certification)
3. Adjust of Status - From NIV to IV
4. Problems of Illegal Aliens
5. Rights and Responsibilities of Permanent Residents
6. Representations of Aliens in Immigation proceedings
7. Towards US Citizenship
8. FAQs on US Citizenship
9. Tips from Chapter VI
Chapter VII : Indians in America
1. Indians in America
2. When you are invited into an American Home
3. Employment in the US
  Annexure VI : Checklist for Indian Students / Immigrants setting up an apartment in the US