The 2001 terrorist attacks in America have changed the total scene of life and living in the USA. This has had an important effect of increased vigil and surveillance on American borders. The US government has established a new Department of Homeland Security under which the Immigration and Naturalization Services will now function under the new name of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). As a result of these developments, a number of policy and procedural changes have been introduced in recent times in US Visas and immigration matters.

The latest edition of GATEWAY TO AMERICA therefore concentrates on these changes. Moreover, the increased use of internet and consequently websites on various subjects necessitated introduction of websites for every possible requirement for contacting different educational, tourism-related and governmental organizations in the US. Every effort is made to give relevant website information in the latest GATEWAY TO AMERICA.

April 2006 Arun C. Vakil

What is new in 2006 Edition?

Latest and most updated information in all chapters of the book
Extensive and specialized frequently asked questions with answers in visa chapters
Detailed guidance ion visa procedures based on experience of Indian applicants(New)
Tips at the end of each chapter(New)
Comprehensive listing of hundreds of web sites (New)
Key points are emphasized in bold for reader convenience.(New)
CD of immigration forums given with the book (New)